Custom Microsoft Access Databases

and Excel Workbooks

Design, production, installation, training and support

Custom software is now affordable for Small Business!
Modern technology has made custom solutions so cost effective they usually pay for themselves in a few months or even in just weeks. You’ll pocket the profit from then on!
More work in less time!
Just consider how much time you’ll save and how much more you can earn after having an automated system!

Consider the amount you spend on a solution to be an investment and not an expense!

Why is Microsoft Access the right choice for your business?

  • The versatility, ease-of-use, and the ability to integrate with so many other software applications makes Microsoft Access Database the perfect choice for a small to medium sized business office environment, or in fact any business which has a need for a reliable, affordable data management solution for a specific data handling task.

  • Microsoft Access applications are easy-to-use; require minimal skills, and use formatting that provides high-quality forms, tables and reports. It can produce professional looking quotations, invoices or any other printed documentation that may be used with Customer interaction.

  • Microsoft Access is available with the Microsoft Office Professional suite of business products therefore no additional database software is required if your company purchases computers with this suite of products already installed.

  • If database support is important to you then Access may be your best choice since Access has more support and development consultants than any other desktop database system.

  • Fairly complex databases can be setup and running in 1/2 the time and cost of other large database systems (the simpler the database the greater the cost advantage).

  • Access integrates well with the other members of the Microsoft Office suite of products (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.).

Companies and organizations using our databases include:

  • Healthcare provider
  • Non-profit organization
  • Pharmacy store
  • Restaurants, Sushi bars, Pizzerias, Cafes, Clubs
  • Catering and delivery services
  • Taxi service
  • Rental Service

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