You work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment where information technology benchmarks elevate  constantly. It’s impossible to stay up-to-date while still remaining focused on your core business  operations. But we are immersed in the industry on a daily basis. We create MS Access databases to  make your day to day business management easier.

At Paper-Pusher we understand your informational needs, as the business is established by a person with around 8 years of experience in MS Access database development and  more than 5 years of experience in accounting, finance.

We understand technical aspects of customer’s needs. We know how the databases work, what customers can expect from the databases. We know what hardware, software, network and specialists you need to manage your database, to input data and get information you need. Our technical experience also helps us not just develop a database, but install it, write instructions and guides to use the databases and train your specialists. We understand what information you need for your decision-making and management of your business.